To curse or not?

I've been busy, moving on with area's my life that we're very much pulling me down.
In fact, trying to leave one person. Who has in one way or another has had a very negative influence for quite a few years now. There had been many years between this recent renewal of friendship.
Never have I known a person who is so clever in there ability to lift a person up and completely push them off the edge at there own whim. Her profile fits a sociopath in everyway, I've tried to understand, support and even tried to minimise the fall out.
It was unfortunate that for even a short period a year, I let her into my life in order to pursue an interest via her. But I am not the same girl she devastated all those years ago, although just like then I still have my base of strength and passion to walk away from her.
Most of her power lies in what she lets you think she can do to you, although her favourite past time of vengeance has certainly been known to take a far more physical path. Her path or more like motorway of devastation is felt by many, but as of yet no-one has got to her and even made much of an impact on her self deluded state.
To be vengeful for the sake of it is not my style, I tend not to work on an eye for eye basis, but at this time, I am the person who knows her the most intricately, I know I have more to come from her over the coming months, possibly pushing to a few years.

So although I am not Wiccan, three fold doesn't come into it for me.  I have always know that should the need arise, I will without doubt protect myself. The previous parting influence was mostly psychological, but was gut wrenching. I have no doubt the hits will keep on coming.
This time I have a family, a husband and child and although I have distance in location from her, in this modern world it doesn't feel enough. I've had enough, as it has now begun.

Now knowing what I've always thought I would do, for the first time I am in the process of working, some call it a hex, many who I know in the craft community think it wrong. I don't, I call it protection and turning all the bad she has done back to her to result in an awakening. That in it's self is enough, justice not harm.

Neme x

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